Questionnaire for Spanish Nationals

Name of Testator/Testatrix (full names as they appear in your passport)

Date and place of Birth:


Full names of parents (stating whether each are alive or deceased)

Marital Status: (if married, please indicate whether 1st, 2nd Marriage etc)


Home address (please provide a photocopy of a recent bank/credit card statement or utility bill showing your current address)

Passport details:


Date of issue

Place of issue

Full names of descendants (i.e. children)

Full name of Spouse (if married)

Chosen Beneficiary(ies) together with full postal addresses (who will receive the final 1/3 share detailed in the notes)

Executor(s) (including full postal address) (not compulsory under Spanish law, but you may wish to appoint someone specific that you would like to handle and administer your estate after your death − this person does not need to receive anything under the Will unless they have a separate entitlement)

Your email address

Your telephone number