About Us

John Hatrick is the only qualified English Solicitor registered in the Canary Islands, having established a practice here in 2008.

He has over 18 years experience in a variety of legal matters in England and Wales, including extensive small business experience. Mr Hatrick has a current English Solicitors Regulation Authority Practising Certificate (I.D. 27203) and comprehensive Professional Indemnity Insurance (paperwork available for inspection on client request). He is also registered with the College of Abogados in Tenerife as a fully practising Spanish Abogado (No. 6266).

TENERIFE SOLICITORS can advise and assist you with a variety of legal matters in both Tenerife and in England & Wales without you having to leave the island. We also have an office in Kent, England should you wish to instruct us from the U.K. We understand the needs of Expats living in Tenerife. In exceptional circumstances, we are even available to come to your office, apartment, villa or hotel in most major resorts in the south of Tenerife (or further afield subject to agreement). (N.B. locations for meetings must be suitable in terms of client privacy and confidentiality.)

TENERIFE SOLICITORS believe in fitting around your lifestyle, and appointments can often be arranged outside of office hours by arrangement where circumstances dictate.

Our fees are highly competitive and for English legal work are typically as much as 30% lower than instructing a solicitor directly in England or Wales (N.B. this may not always apply to other professionals? fees, e.g. Barristers, Surveyors etc).

Tenerife Solicitors provide equal (or arguably better) standards of care and attention than you would expect when dealing with a lawyer in the U.K. You can expect to receive prompt replies to messages and correspondence plus regularly updated costs estimates, so as to avoid any nasty surprises. Clients can be invoiced in either Pounds Sterling or in Euros, and payments can be made to our firm’s bank accounts in either England or Tenerife.

As with all English Solicitors, TENERIFE SOLICITORS are regulated by the Law Society of England & Wales and the Solicitor’s Regulation Authority. We are also governed by the rules of practice issued by the Colegio de Abogados (College of Lawyers) in Tenerife.


Call TENERIFE SOLICITORS now without obligation to discuss your requirements and to see if we can help. Fixed fee consultations are available for €100 plus IGIC, which is creditable against any subsequent work you instruct us to do in the matter within the same tax year.

When calling from the Canary Islands or Spain: 922 717 845
When calling from the U.K: 0208 191 0539

Or you can send us an email using the CONTACT US link above.

TENERIFE SOLICITORS is a trading name of Hatrick & Co Solicitors (registered number: 364258 – Law Society of England & Wales).

The content of this site is generic and provided for information and illustrative purposes only. Under no circumstances should it be relied upon or construed as legal advice, which must always be tailored to the individual circumstances.

More About Us

Tenerife Solicitors is a trading name of Hatrick & Co Solicitors, which was formed in May 2002 by John Hatrick, a solicitor with over 18 years legal experience in London and the South East.

Since 2008 the firm has also had an office in San Eugenio, Tenerife, where we represent British and other English speaking clients throughout the island. We aim to provide a tailored and personal service designed to fit around our clients’ individual needs and lifestyle. Our Tenerife overheads are considerably lower than in England, which in turn allows us to offer the most competitive rates.

Our philosophy

The firm has developed according to a philosophy often overlooked in the legal profession, namely that client satisfaction comes first.

All too often, clients are reeling out the same old criticisms of solicitors they instruct. Maybe some are already familiar…:

We aim to ensure that the above complaints are consigned to history forever.

Appointments can usually be obtained at short notice and in exceptional circumstances, appointments can be arranged at your apartment, villa, hotel or office at a convenient time. From client feedback, we have learnt that most clients prefer to discuss their case in a relaxed and comfortable environment, as opposed to some dingy office hidden away in the corner of some hard-to-find commercial centre. Our new air-conditioned office and boardroom are centrally located under the Club Atlantis Apartments in San Eugenio. We also have a parking space on the complex that can be reserved for client use by appointment and subject to availability.

Client care is of paramount importance to us. We aim to deal with your case in an efficient manner whilst keeping you regularly informed as to progress and costs. We also aim for you to be able to get in touch with us at short notice in a manner that you choose, be it by telephone, fax, e-mail or even whatsapp or text message!

Going beyond the law

At Tenerife Solicitors, we pride ourselves on providing practical proactive advice and solutions beyond the usual legal response, despite the fact that such advice often reduces our chargeable fees in the long term. Many problems can be resolved without the need for threatening letters, court action or long-winded documents. John Hatrick has extensive personal experience of small businesses, particularly business start-ups, and can guide you through the legal business maze without costing an arm and a leg. Our repeat clients also appreciate that they can pick up the phone to ask a quick question safe in the knowledge that the meter is not running.

Referrals & Goodwill

Tenerife Solicitors relies strongly on referrals and repeat business. Our advertising costs and overheads are kept to a minimum, allowing us to provide our services at highly competitive rates. All we ask is that if you are impressed by us, tell others, and if not, tell us.

To discuss your requirements in complete confidence and without obligation, please contact us now on 922 717 845 (or from the UK on 0208 191 0539) or send us an email at the CONTACT US link above. We look forward to hearing from you.

Business and Private Client references are available on request.