Welcome to Tenerife Solicitors, the first and still the only firm of English Solicitors & Spanish Abogados registered and authorised to practice in the Canary Islands.

Are you based in Tenerife but have a legal problem back in England or Wales on which you need to consult an English Solicitor? Tenerife Solicitors can assist you with such matters from our Tenerife office without you having to leave the island or deal with a firm in England or Wales remotely.

We also deal with a wide variety of legal matters in Tenerife, including divorce, probate, contracts and business matters. Are you looking to buy or sell property in Tenerife. Do you need to draw up a Spanish Will or an English Will?

Do you need to officially certify copies of your documents for use back in the UK, or do you need to swear a UK Oath, Statutory Declaration or Affidavit before a Solicitor? Tenerife Solicitors are the only firm of lawyers in Tenerife currently able to offer this service.

For English legal matters, would you rather instruct a solicitor from your home in Tenerife without the time, hassle and cost of travelling backwards and forwards to deal with the matter?

Do you need advice or assistance on a legal matter in either Tenerife or back in England or Wales in any of the following areas?



Spanish Law (Matters within Tenerife & Spain)

English Law (Matters within England & Wales)

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Legal News

Spanish Wills – Commonly asked Questions

Q: I have been told that if I have assets in Spain, that I should make a Spanish Will. Is this correct? A: Whilst an English, Scottish or Irish Will can technically administer your assets in Spain, it can be an administrative nightmare to follow this route, as you have to first apply for probate […]

Buying Property in Tenerife – Why use a Solicitor / Lawyer

Tenerife Property Purchases ? Why should I use a Solicitor? All scenarios are printed with the consent of each client and details have been changed to protect anonymity. The estate agent is insisting I don?t need to use a Solicitor Whilst most reputable estate agents insist that clients instruct an independent solicitor, there sadly remains […]

Questions and Answers – Property Law

Q) I recently exchanged contracts on a property, at which point I paid a deposit of 10% of the purchase price. I have subsequently obtained a valuation, in which my Property has been valued at 22% less than the agreed sale price, although not because of any apparent fault in the property. Am I bound […]

John Hatrick

Tenerife Solicitors is owned and run by John Hatrick, a dual registered and practising English Solicitor and Spanish Abogado. He is registered with both the Solicitors Regulation Authority of England & Wales (sra.org.uk) and the College of Lawyers in Santa Cruz, Tenerife (icatf.es).

John started his legal career in a small 4 partner practice in Chancery Lane, London back in 1997. Having qualified in 1999 John continued to work in Central London adjacent to the Royal Courts of Justice where he gained considerable experience in a wide variety of legal areas, predominantly small business related matters such as Commercial Litigation, Employment Law, Company/Commercial, Contracts and Insolvency Law. He is also a competent court advocate, having conducted High Court Agency work for other solicitors for over 7 years.

Having also opened an office in Tenerife, Spain in 2008, John diversified his practice to include Divorce, Family and Probate work in addition to expanding into various areas of Spanish Law.

In his spare time, John likes travelling, fine-dining, writing, swimming and walking Mina, his black labrador.

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