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Spanish Wills – Commonly asked Questions

Q: I have been told that if I have assets in Spain, that I should make a Spanish Will. Is this correct? A: Whilst an English, Scottish or Irish Will can technically administer your assets in Spain, it can be an administrative nightmare to follow this route, as you have to first apply for probate […]

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Buying Property in Tenerife – Why use a Solicitor / Lawyer

Tenerife Property Purchases ? Why should I use a Solicitor? All scenarios are printed with the consent of each client and details have been changed to protect anonymity. The estate agent is insisting I don?t need to use a Solicitor Whilst most reputable estate agents insist that clients instruct an independent solicitor, there sadly remains […]

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Questions and Answers – Property Law

Q) I recently exchanged contracts on a property, at which point I paid a deposit of 10% of the purchase price. I have subsequently obtained a valuation, in which my Property has been valued at 22% less than the agreed sale price, although not because of any apparent fault in the property. Am I bound […]

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Buying Off-Plan Property – Avoiding the pitfalls

Many British looking to invest in Spanish Property are attracted to the potentially lucrative ?off-plan? market. Buying a new-build property can have many advantages. Properties under construction are typically cheaper than the finished article, plus the property can often be finished to your own specifications. There is also something fascinating about watching your new property […]

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Spanish Wills – Which national law applies?

At some point, most Ex-pats who have emigrated to Tenerife or Spain with a view to a permanent move will take the important step of making a Spanish Will. Spanish law, unlike English Law has a peculiarity in that it seeks to apply the law of nationality to certain legal matters personal to the individual. […]

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Spanish Wills – Considerations for expats

A fair number of expats will have already made a Spanish Will. Others may be considering making one. But what do both groups have in common? All too often, they proceed to make a Spanish Will via a Spanish lawyer, gestor or other ?professional? without first ensuring that the professional has at least a basic […]

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Tenerife Property Purchases ? Why should I use a Solicitor?

Most of us wouldn?t dream of buying a property in the U.K. without instructing a qualified Solicitor. So why do so many people buying a property in Tenerife throw caution to the wind and risk losing their deposit, or worse still, their entire life savings? My estate agent tells me I don?t need a lawyer […]

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Freedom of information?

Britains latest right to know laws are being undermined by a huge backlog of thousands of complaints brought by dissatisfied members of public, some of which are apparently taking up to two years to clear. Many government offices or departments have refused to disclose documents concerning ministers meetings or other sensitive or embarrassing correspondence passing […]

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Email Security

Businesses are using email to send sensitive and confidential information even though they are aware that it is one of the most unsecure ways of sending information, according to a recent study. The research also found that less than 10% of businesses are currently encrypting their email, despite being aware that emails often go through […]

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