Questionnaire for English & Welsh Nationals

    Your name (full names as they appear in your passport)

    Date and place of Birth:


    Full names of parents (stating whether each are alive or deceased)

    Marital Status: (if married, please indicate whether 1st, 2nd Marriage etc)


    Home address:

    Passport/NIE number

    Full names of descendants (i.e. children)

    Full name of your current and/or former spouse(s) if applicable (in order of marriage)

    If you have children under the age of 16, please choose a Guardian who is willing to assume responsibility for such children
    in the event that the other parent(s) were to have also died on or before the date of your death or otherwise not be in a position to care for the children.
    This is obviously a huge commitment, so you should discuss this carefully with the Guardian to ensure that he or she is happy to assume such a responsibility.


    Full Address

    Your estate can be gifted in two sections. Firstly there are individual gifts, (e.g. a specific watch to your son, jewellery to your daughter,
    a valuable painting to your brother etc. Secondly, there is the ‘residue’ which covers all other items not gifted specifically, as it would be too cumbersome to list everything you own.

    2. Specific gifts (i.e. cash, jewellery, keepsakes etc) if applicable .

    Full name and address of beneficiary 1

    Detailed description of gift 1

    Full name and address of beneficiary 2

    Detailed description of gift 2

    Full name and address of beneficiary 3

    Detailed description of gift 3

    Full name and address of beneficiary 4

    Detailed description of gift 4

    2. Residue − please specify who you would like to receive everything else that you own.

    Full name and address of beneficiary

    Full name and address of beneficiary

    Full name and address of beneficiary

    Your email address

    Your telephone number



    [honeypot website-122]

    NB - Please be aware that in Spain the role of Executor does not exist and is not required to write your Spanish Will. The beneficiaries would act as executor in Spain and if they felt unable to fulfil this role they can give Power of Attorney to someone else to act on their behalf.