Spanish Law

Buying and Selling Spanish Property - Conveyancing Procedure - Why use a lawyer?

When buying or selling a property in the U.K, most people wouldn?t dream of entering into a transaction without the assistance of a qualified and independent lawyer. Yet in Spain, many buyers and sellers, particularly foreigners, somehow forego instructing a lawyer and simply rely on [...]

Spanish Wills

TENERIFE SOLICITORS CAN ASSIST WITH PREPARATION OF YOUR ENGLISH WILL. Have you already made a Spanish Will? Due to recent changes in European legislation since 2016, it is strongly recommended that you review the provisions of your Spanish Will to ensure that it states which national [...]

Court action and disputes

Are you involved in a legal dispute in Tenerife? Tenerife Solicitors can now advise and represent you in order to maximise your chances of reaching an early resolution or settlement of your dispute. We can assist with a wide variety of matters, ranging from debt recovery, [...]

Property disputes & transactions

We can advise and assist clients in all aspects of property transactions including: Property Sale & Purchase Off Plan or Resale Properties Contract Disputes Rental Contracts and disputes Community Rules and Disputes Timeshare Problems Do you have a dispute regarding a property you have purchased? Have you signed a contract with a [...]

Debt recovery

Does someone owe you money, unpaid loans, rent, or invoices either in Tenerife/Spain or in the U.K.? As long as the person/company in question is based in Tenerife or England / Wales, Tenerife Solictors can assist with the recovery of a debt, be it an initial [...]

Landlord and tenant issues

Do you need advice or representation in respect of any Landlord or Tenant issue? Do you have problems with tenants not paying rent or not vacating your property when required to do so? Or is your property currently occupied by squatters? Are you looking to rent [...]


Are you looking to enter into a timeshare contract but would like advice before going ahead? Have you previously purchased a timeshare and are having problems? Have you been contacted by a firm offering to get you compensation in respect of your current timeshare, but you [...]

Business advice and contracts

Are you starting a new business in Tenerife? Are you thinking of buying an existing business? Are you having problems with your existing business or just need legal advice about business law here in Spain? Tenerife Solicitors can offer a wide range of advice and assistance in business [...]

Divorce & Children

DIVORCE FOR TENERIFE EXPATS – How does it work? According to UK government statistics, 35% of all marriages are predicted to end in divorce. Although no accurate statistics are available amongst UK expats living in Spain, it is believed that the number may be even higher. [...]