English Law

Family Law & Divorce

Are you currently considering or going through a marriage or relationship break-up? Perhaps you have already separated and have now received divorce papers from the UK or Spain issued by your spouse? Many couples relocate to Tenerife in search of a new life together, but fail [...]

Landlord & Tenant

Do you own property in England or Wales that you are planning to rent out? Tenerife Solicitors can advise on the legal requirements for renting your residential or commercial property. We can also assist you in preparing the correct form of Tenancy Agreement and make [...]

Wills & Probate

PLEASE NOTE THAT A SEPARATE WILL SHOULD BE PREPARED FOR EACH COUNTRY THAT YOU HOLD ASSETS, e.g. If you have property in Spain and property (or even just a large bank account) in England or Wales, then it is strongly recommended that you prepare a [...]

Debt Recovery

Are you owed money in England & Wales, but are being given the runaround? We have extensive experience in debt recovery solutions, ranging from polite reminder letters, negotiation and mediation, through to litigation in the County Court or High Court. Perhaps you have already taken someone to [...]

Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Tenerife Solicitors offer both private and business clients advice and assistance on most litigation and dispute-resolution issues in England & Wales, whether it be a simple neighbour dispute or a complex commercial claim. Unlike some firms, we at Tenerife Solicitors pride ourselves on our proactive approach [...]

Companies & Partnerships

There are literally millions of English and Welsh limited companies currently registered at Companies House in Cardiff, Wales. A Limited company is by far the most popular vehicle through which to operate a business in the U.K. They are easy to set up and can provide [...]

Contract Law

At some point, every business will require documentation drawn up in respect of a transaction or other dealings with a third party. A well drafted legal document can avoid uncertainty, and actually help to reduce the chance of any dispute arising at a later stage. Tenerife Solicitors [...]

Business Start-up

Are you considering or in the process of setting up a new business to operate from or be registered in England or Wales? Setting up a new business can be one of the most rewarding experiences in the world, and yet without proper planning and advice, [...]